I am an environment designer with a passion for creating highly detailed, inclusive spaces. 

My journey into themed entertainment design started with early trips to the Children’s Science Museum where hands on immersive exhibits sparked my thirst for knowledge. This scientific curiosity led me to earn my bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley in 2017 where I used the intersection of Psychology and design to also earn a certificate in Human Centered Design. I rediscovered my love of drawing and gained confidence while attending the Animation Academy at Disney California Adventure where I learned to draw classic Disney characters. I also challenged myself to draw more advanced characters and my creative passion took off from there. Noticing the small details in the parks caught my love for detail and inspired me to discover themed entertainment design as a career.
I was inspired to take this passion further and earned my MFA in Themed Entertainment Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2019, where I took advantage of the wide variety of classes to learn about a breadth of subjects including Set Decoration, Illustration, Industrial Design, Structural Design, and even Costuming.
My passion for universal design and accessibility led me to begin my PhD in Planning, Design, and the Built Environment at Clemson University where my research focuses on increasing accessibility in narrative environments.

​I bring a unique perspective to Themed Entertainment Design by utilizing my background in Psychology, research, and Human Centered Design to create unforgettable guest experiences that meet the needs and desires of both guests and parks. I utilize innovative leadership styles that emphasize quick iteration with open and constant communication to maximize creative project outcomes. My love of story and detail shapes my focus on designing and decorating environments, helping me create highly immersive and detailed guest experiences that all guests can enjoy.

 As a set decorator and environment designer, I enjoy delving into the mindset of characters to create realistic environments that further the story and heighten the guest experience.

Hope you enjoy looking at some of my work!